The Authors!

Hey there! My name is Jamie, I'm a freshmen in college studying Elementary Education, an aspiring 1st grade teacher and the creator of GwBD! I love all things floral, outdoors-y, and/or bohemian. Hiking and being outside are two of my favorite things and I absolutely adore music. :)

Me, getting a Humate-P infusion!
No make-up...all natural! ;)
I also have von Willebrand Disease. :) VWD is a bleeding disorder caused by a lack of von Willebrand factor (VWF) in the blood or a deficiency in the quality of the VWF. I was diagnosed when I was 9 years old after being hospitalized when I got a baby tooth pulled at the dentist's office. Since then we've managed to control all the issues with the proper treatments and medications and I have been fortunate enough to find many ways to make living with VWD very manageable. :) My bleeding disorder is mild/moderate and I don't believe in letting it define me in the least. God doesn't make mistakes and my "chronic illness" is something that makes me, and all of us!, unique and wonderful in our own way. :)

I created this blog because I think it's very important for girls with bleeding disorders (or chronic illnesses in general) to have a support group. When I went to a retreat for women with bleeding & clotting disorders for the very first time, I was so thrilled to find other girls who went through the same issues and trials as I did. And since we have the wonderful internet at our disposal, why waste a good opportunity? ;) I hope all of you find inspiration and encouragement in the digital pages of this blog! Much love to all of you! <3 :)

Megan: *coming soon!*