What is GwBD?

GwBD or "Girls with Bleeding Disorders" is a blog/online support group dedicated to connecting teen girls who have bleeding disorders! Here, you can browse through blog posts written by girls living with bleeding disorders (including yours truly!), share stories and visit links to various websites that talk about bleeding disorders.

I've lived with von Willebrand's Disease my entire life and I've realized that having a support group of friends who know exactly how it is can be awesome. :) I wanted to start GwBD with the idea that you're not alone in your battle with whatever bleeding disorder you have, and that there are other girls out there who might be looking for a friend exactly like you. :)

Please, feel free to stay and look around! Give us your feedback and spread the word! Awareness is so important when dealing with bleeding disorders, especially because so many (like VWD) go undiagnosed. Spread the website with your friends or put a link up on Facebook or Twitter!

I hope you'll come back for a visit!

If you're interested in writing a blog post here in GwBD, or sharing your story, please email me at vwdchick@aol.com!